is made for Instantaneous Full-on bass lines !

Draw live sequences or let the synth do the job ...



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- 1x Preset manager

- 1x multi OSC (Sine,Saw, Triangle,Square,Noise)  

- 1x Draw Manual Mode step sequencer

- 1x ADSR

 - 1x filter section

- 1x LFO mod

- 1x Random sequence button

- 8 Lock'n Recall pattern memory slots

- 1x Shift pattern (left/right)

- Full easy midi learn



FREE Ver 2.0

Dwnld Ver 2.0

- No preset manager

- No midi learn

- No pattern manager

Version history

PsYbAsSyX updates  in Ver 2.0 :

- General optimisation

- Better GUI

- Preset manager added

- 8 Lock'n Recall pattern memory slots added

- 1x Shift pattern (left/right) added

- Full easy midi learn added

PsYbAsSyX updates  in Ver 1.0 :

- Let's roll !!!



- None (or not known).

Tips and Tricks

- Tekky Synths - 

Essential random order for chaotic repetitive sequences