13 synths A-SailLanT AutoBaSsYx PsYbAsSyX ZeNeRyC NuCLeoDoM AxLRaToR RezIS THriCe Tb-X AcIdIc DTfPM (gift) PsYkYx R-SinG SYNTHs Pack PACKS 8 samplers FXs Pack 17 FXs RmOGeNiC UpTiLin SpAcYx SpAcYx-Xtrim SpAcYx-DeeP DirTy-P WarRpR DUAL-P-D P-ShiFteR FaZoR FreQ-FilT FReeZR Grain-P GaaToR MaXMasH LFO-PAN RmOGeN SAMPLERs Pack VegiSliCer P-A-S-8Ps P-A-S-Filter Fly-Drums G-RAiN VoCoGaTe CrAZyX3 RifGuiT
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