We’ve decided to go with packs to distribute our instruments. This way only 3 formulas are available. You’ve got the FX pack, the Synth pack and the “Pack of the year” pack including all releases of the year. “Pack of the year” owners get free upgrades all year long if new instruments are added. PACKS ONLY Tekky Synths brings to producers and musicians a whole palette of creative, inspiring, efficient, easy and fun-to-use virtual instruments. We believe the tools can help you become the composer you wanna be...   Welcome 2 new instruments to start this year 2016 and to start this new “pack of the year” formula. A-SailLanT is a unison synth with an onboard freezer/stutter FX. RmOGeNiC is a multi-FX/fFSU with its unique harmony generator technic to process voices vocoder-like or to treat drum loops as real rythmic synth textures. NEWS Still on XP!!?? Well... We are too!!! But for how much longer? Cubase VST32 Acid 7.0e are among the DAWs we still use to test our VSTs... Yes, we are old school!!! STILL IN 32BIT © Tekky Synths 2016